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Our packages include luggage transfer between stages and free cancellation up to 15 days before the trip starts.

Preferred Routes

The Most Popular Caminos de Santiago


Camino de Santiago from Sarria in 5 stages with hotel accommodations



French Camino

Camino de Santiago from Sarria in 5 stages, budget-friendly



French Camino

Camino de Santiago from Sarria in 5 stages, comfort class



Choose the type of accommodation

Choose how you want to make your Way to Compostela.


It is the most affordable type of Camino. Ideal for doing it solo or in a more affordable way.


Combines hostels, inns, or hotels that ensure the comfort of a private room to recharge energy.


The perfect option for those looking for a pleasant rest at the end of each stage. 3* and 4* hotels or charming guesthouses.

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From the moment you trust us, we commit to ensuring a comprehensive service including accommodation, transportation, assistance, and monitoring. Our priority is for you to enjoy this unique experience and not worry about anything else.

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Why Choose Camino Compostela?

The accommodations are meticulously selected by our team to ensure you a well-deserved rest between the stages of the last 100 km of the Camino de Santiago.

The routes we offer last a week or less, although we can adapt them to your needs. Activities can also be added depending on availability.

Your peace of mind is important to us. We offer a 24-hour customer service, 365 days a year, through a phone number that we will provide upon completing the reservation.

In case of any setback, you have 15 days before the start of the trip to cancel it for free.

Organized Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago for Beginners

¿Not familiar with the Camino de Santiago? No problem!

Whether you decide to embark on the adventure solo, as a couple, with children, or in a group, we take care of organizing it.

From departure to arrival in Santiago de Compostela, we will do everything in our power to make your experience unforgettable.

If you don’t know where to start, we can help.

Camino Compostela

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Information about the Camino de Santiago

It’s an experience that combines fantastic landscapes where you’ll immerse yourself in nature and make many friendships. In short, it’s a life-changing adventure.

The trips we offer are designed to be achievable for pilgrims of all ages, although we recommend walking for 20 minutes a day for a month before the start of the journey.

Whether you’re walking the Camino for religious reasons or not, beholding the Santiago Cathedral, both its facade and interior, is a spectacle for anyone’s eyes.

Many people agree that the most beautiful 100 km stretch of the Camino de Santiago is the French Way from Sarria. However, there are other routes that have different charms and may better suit your tastes. Take a look at our One-Week Caminos.

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